Rinaudo, Nicola:真人体育 A normal foul

Rossi is facing tests on Monday on suspected cruciate ligament damage on from Rinaudo’s challenge made on him during Sunday’s Tuscan derby between Fiorentina and Livorno.

“I did not apologise because I was immediately surrounded by some of Fiorentina’s players. Anyway, I will call him to do so.”

“There is attention because it regards a player like Rossi.

Post-match focus has been very much on the nature of the foul, but both the player in question and his Coach have defended it.

The defender has also been backed by his Coach on the matter.

“I hope that no-one was hurt, I would hate that so much, but I believe it was a normal foul in play, as I have seen many times before.”

“I believed it was a normal foul that 六合投注网站has been t在线外围投注urned by some into a manhunt against Rossi,” Nicola has told reporters.

Leandro Rinaudo has explained why he didn’t apologise to Giuseppe Rossi on the pitch, as he and his Coach defend his challenge made.

“To me it was a normal challenge,” Rinaudo has reflected afterwards.