Collateral damage for Rossi

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The forward was feared to have sustained a third cruciate ligament injury to the knee in his right leg on Sunday, after a strong challenge from Leandro Rinaudo during Fiorentina’s eventual home win over Livorno.

Initial reports are that Giuseppe Rossi has suffered collateral ligament damage to his right knee and not cruciate ligament damage.

initial reports filtering through suggest that the player has avoided cruciate ligament damage.

Whether surgery would be required on such an injury, rumoured to be a sprain, is also still unclear.

At this stage, news on the injury remains unofficial, with a statement expected from Fiorentina only in the coming hours.

However, whilst it is rumoured that the 26-year-old has in fact sustained collateral ligament damage to the joint instead, this would be an injury to still rule him out of action for at least three months.